Best 3 Online Dating Sites Reviews To Sign Up First

Try to Google online dating sites and you will definitely be presented with a plethora of websites catering to online dating sites. The huge number only tells that there are myriads of people who are already hooked to this sort of modern dating scheme. You want to try but you do not know the best of these numerous sites. You can try not one but more; you can sign in to different sites. Would that give you unlimited women to pick up in the internet?

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Your dilemma though is which online dating site to sign up first. You know that scams happen in the internet and you do not want to be tricked in this aspect. If you will be a member of the number one in the search engines, there is a big possibility of the legitimacy of the site otherwise it will not get a high page rank. Will this tip be a good basis for the online dating site to consider?-
Here is a review of three online dating sites –, and is one of the most popular onsite dating sites. As you click the site, you will be asked for your email address to be able to enter the site. The site is jam-packed however it will be easy to navigate because of the easy-to-use search features. The site advertises free membership and indeed it is but if you are, your options are very limited. The features for free members do not include chatting and instant messaging.

Here are some other restrictions if you are a non-paying member.

  • You cannot view the profile of paying member.
  • You cannot reply to a paying member even if this member has already contacted you. You can only reply if you convert your membership from non-paying to paying member.
  • Once you have submitted your profile known as “portrait”, you can only peek within the site but you cannot get information unless you are a full-pledge or paying member.

OkCupid is an online dating site that offers free matching services for members. However, you are asked to give allowance to matching results because although they are accurate, they are not perfect. Membership is free and you can access all the site’s tools and features after you have signed up.

Here are your privileges as free member.

  • You can make use of email, instant message and other dating site fare such as photo galleries, journals and search navigation.
  • You can avail of the “quick match”, a tool to instantly match members.
  • You can opt for tagging of your profile for recommendations to other members.
  • You can ask questions that can be used for matching among members.

eHarmony is a dating site that claims scientific matching of heterosexual members who are searching for long term relationships. Accessing the site takes patience as it takes time to get results from the system. The site is a product of empirical and clinical research to come up with the scientific matching.

In this site, you do not find you match. It is eHarmony that does the matching so you are barred from registry to the service, no photo uploading and no viewing of other members. This is indeed very different from other sites in this aspect. With the system’s compatibility test, you are matched by the site-created compatibility tool and not by your own volition. You can never see a photo of your match until you have made contact or communicated with each other.

Here you are presented with three sites having different approaches to online dating. There are more other sites which you can learn about if you will just Google “online dating sites”.


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