Best Questions To Ask a Girl Out : Creative Ways

Several guys find themselves stuck just few minutes after starting a chat with a beautiful girl in the first day. This is quite common among many men in social media since they lack the right approaching skills. Initiating online chat with a new girl should be more than fun since you may end up getting a unique soul mate.

Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out


Asking for a date from a girl should be simple and easy. This though is not the case for nervous and shy guys. Here are some cheesy ways to ask a girl out in a bold way.

1. Contact her first – this is achieved by gauging her interest and is seen when making eye contacts. If she smiles, laughs and gets a good time talking with you then you are on the right track. It is paramount that you do not reveal your feelings about her.

2. Keep in mind where she touches you often – if she tries to make touches to you or finds excuse to find her doing so; it is obvious she is probably interested in you. If no touches, do not dare since it will scare and intimidate her.

3. How does she look at you? – If she is interested in you, she will probably gaze at you for a long time or pull away with immediate effect. Chances are you can ask her for a date. It imperative to keep in mind that friendship leads to love but not anything.

4. Help her out – often offer to help her out and she will grow fond of you and wait for that moment when she will say to you “Am having a bad day”, “I feel so down” or something such as “I need to take a straw”. Sooner or later this will give you a platform to ask her for a date.

5. Always keep your tone casual and fun – Your occasions should not always appear like it is a big deal. While talking, flirt a little, break the touch barrier or even crack a joke.

If the above is done, then when you feel that it is the right to ask her for a date, ask her to go for a movie or a place where both of you will be interested. Remember to pose you question in a pleasant way such as, “Have you heard about this cinema”, “What is your take on…”

Best Questions to Ask the Girl You Like


You need to ease up your tension and make the chatting comfortable and mature. You don’t need to be a conversation master by asking the right queries. What you need is to learn the right questions to ask the girl you like, and start becoming a conversation master.

You need to give an open-ended query that will allow the girl to respond with any information she feels comfortable. Again, an open-ended question gives the girl an opportunity to express herself comfortably. For instance, asking a girl what is her deal gives a more meaningful initial conversation. Another open-ended question is to ask the girl to name some of the things that she never expects you to guess about her. In such a question, the girl is free to provide anything she has in mind. Through this, the conversation will be more engaging and moving towards the very important part of it.

Another more engaging question to ask a girl is about the fun she likes in her place of work. In the first day, never ask a girl her place of work. But asking about the good moments she experiences in her job will attract further conversation between her and you. You may proceed and ask about the place she grew up. Avoid asking the place she comes from, since this will give a one or two word answer. Asking about the place she grew up will keep her talking, and she will definitely consider you as the guy who cared for her the previous night.

Lastly, you should engage a conversation about her passion. This is the most interesting part of any conversation people like to talk about. Asking her about her passion reflects your seriousness as a relationship material guy. This is simply because the query tries to get deeper into who she is, and probably you will win her.

It is prudent to keep in mind that you should be prepared for rejection in anyway. This should not hurt your feelings nor leave you lifeless. Instead move with a different girl.