Dating? Not Getting Anywhere? Maybe You Need Relationship Help

relationshiphelp3If you’re an active member of the dating game but you find yourself doing the same routine every time and you’re not getting anywhere, maybe you need relationship help.

There are lot of people out there who might tell you that they’re experts, but first, what’s an expert, and second, who are experts anyway?

Someone with a degree in relationships? Someone who has struck out more often than you have?

Maybe it’s time to get some real relationship help. And why not? First, you have very little to lose, and second, if you score upon someone who knows what they’re talking about, something might just work out.

Getting REAL Relationship Help

If you found yourself walking down a street one day and saw someone wearing a shirt or sweater that you admired, wouldn’t you take a moment to ask them where they bought it? Many people would. So when it comes to relationships, if someone you knew was successful at creating the kind of relationship you wish you had, what would be wrong with asking them for advise?

Of course, this would have to be a person who would give you honest advice without laughing in your face, but if you’re like most people, chances are good that you would do well to use this approach. Better yet, you’re probably get the help you asked for.

Relating to Someone

OK. So you’ve gotten some advice, but you’re still a little–or a lot–scared. What do you do now? What would you do if you found out that the same person who offered you the advice that you have received so far might know someone who they could introduce you do?

After all, if you have trusted this person to your intimate secrets, chances are good that you thought they would help you, so why not let them light the fire with someone else who might be looking for someone just like you?

A few years ago there was a song by a group called Air Supply that used as the chorus, “Two less lonely XXX people in the world.” Isn’t a good relationship just that? Two less lonely XXX people in the world? The truth is, if that is what you are after the you have to be bold enough to try, and when it works, there really are two less lonely XXX people in the world.

But you have to have the courage to try, to be susceptible, to risk the possibility of failure and loss, but just as it has been written for so many years before, by so many people, and in so many ways, a successful relationship is the effort’s greatest result.