Hilariously Funny Ways to Ask Someone Out

They say if you can make your partner laugh then half of the work is done. So if you want to ask someone out then do it in a funny way. The ideas below are on how to ask a person for a date. It can be either a male or female. Here are some of the funny ways to ask someone out that you should definitely try out.

Funny Ways to Ask a Boy or a Girl Out


Use of a puzzle

Here, the question is written on a piece of board and then cut into pieces. Every letter on its own piece. The pieces are scattered randomly and the date is expected to put them together.

Use of chalk writing

You may consider sidewalk chalk writing where the question is asked in a slanting mode on the floor, considerably the date’s bedroom.

Send message using a soil bottle

Attach a paper asking for a date to bottles filled with sand.

Use of flames

A bunch of candle is set out on the date’s driveway with the candles spelling the big question of the day, “will go out with me?’

Use of friends

Grab some of your friends and walk to her hangout area to ask her out.

Use of signs

You can consider writing small notes on posts and then hang them on her wall in the shape of a heart. Also, you may opt to have a pool of balloons and then hide below the balloons. This will surprise her and while she is on that shock, ask her out.

Use of food, for example snacks

You can take him a pizza with the question for the day spelled out on it. You may also consider baking him snacks in shape of letters that spell out the question. Serve them in a way that the question is clear.

On his way home.

Consider stalking him while on his way home. Wait for him under a bridge or overpass that he drives under. Hang a sign post there with the question and then ensure that you wait for him there.

Just try these above techniques of funny ways to ask someone out and I guarantee that it will work and your partner will definitely say yes. Good Luck!