How to Begin Dating Online in Free Sites

Are you interested to pick up girls? The internet has made this easy and possible for you and any guy. Free online dating services could have been the best invention that had helped shy guys in picking women to be their prospective partners in life. This innovated mode of dating had given a twist to this human relation

It is because of the many benefits derived from online dating sites that the popularity of this new mode of dating had become unstoppable. They say they are free – are they really? Membership in many online dating sites is free. But like many networking sites, the free service is only at a certain level. What had been provided free can already be sufficient to find a partner. But then, there are those people who want more features in their membership such that they pay additional fee – minimal or more depending on the added features.


To begin online dating, you have to be a member of the site which starts with submission of your profile. Well, any social sites require this when you create an account so this is not different from signing up with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other sites.

Submit photos and profile for signing in

Photos and profiles are important in beginning how to engage in online dating. Some sites already have a pro-forma information sheet which you just have to fill up. This is very important because you have to provide your co-members with the necessary information about you. This is the basis of the compatibility test and the matching system. Members of the opposite sex will look at your profile to see if you possess the qualities they are looking for in a man.

However, you should accept the fact that these women will first be interested in discovering how you look at. So the photos will be the first to be assessed. Pretty face may count initially but even if you may not be as good looking as the other members, you can have an edge if you have a great profile. The face is not the basis for compatibility but the character, hobbies and other relevant information.

Search and find women members

Once you have submitted your photos and profile and your application for membership is confirmed, you can access the site and begin scanning the photos of the members. If you fancy some, you can move forward to their profiles and determine which of them possess the character that you feel are desirable. You can initiate contact with these ladies. Do not expect that all whom you contacted will respond. Like you, the ladies also are selective.

Communicate and date online

When ladies respond, you should endeavor to arouse their interest on you. Do this by constant communication. To achieve this you must be a good conversationalist. Learn about the qualities these ladies want in men. You can go over their profile again. Scrutinize and likewise study the submitted photographs. These may give you clue on how to attract the ladies.

Once your communication with a woman becomes constant and regular this may be the beginning of online dating. You do this through the same site. And when the online dating is pursued, personal onsite dating may follow. Would this be the beginning of a real relationship that will end to long term partnership?