How to Find a Boyfriend in College

College is the perfect place for a girl to develop; not only academically but also socially and romantically. All these three things are essential but the last two are fundamentally important in getting a girl into a meaningful relationship with somebody of the opposite gender. If you are a girl looking for someone or something more than just a hookup, a dance floor partner or a hunk to be flossy with, then it means that you are definitely ready for a serious boyfriend. It is not a hard task to land a great boyfriend who can provide a strong, lasting and substantial relationship.

How to find a boyfriend in college 


Be confident: Most men will not feel comfortable with a timid and self pitying girl. One thing that is bound to arouse a man’s interest is confidence and a good level of pride in a girl. If he starts a conversation with you get logical and sensible things to say. In many cases, a man will opt for the girl who complements his confidence.

Be social and sociable: It is almost definite that a potential boyfriend will not just come knocking on your door. He will be out there where you should also be. Interacting with people in current affairs and about college academic and social life will help you interact with many people. Out of all of them, there is bound to be one who will win your heart. Social affairs will help you judge his character better.

Play hard to get in a smart way: A relationship that starts with you getting laid on the first day is bound to end in the near future. Men are more likely to keep chasing what they can’t seem to get and with the chasing comes admiration and love. When he comes knocking, it is important to know his limits so that you do not frustrate him.

Do not forget your academics: For a serious relationship, a man will settle for a person with brains and beauty rather than beauty and booze and party energy. So if you want to get the best boyfriend for a lasting relationship, produce good grades

Be straight forward with what you are looking for: Do not be shy to tell all your suitors (because they will be there) what you want. If it is a long term and serious relationship, you tell them straight up, if otherwise then you also let them know.

These where some of the tips that can help you in finding a boyfriend in college. Following these steps most certainly get you a boyfriend, but what if your college does not have those boys which you want to make your boyfriend. So, In that case you should look for him somewhere else. How about looking for him online, This is where online dating sites comes handy. Just register on one of the best dating site and you are good to go. You never know, He must be there waiting for you.