How to Flirt With a Girl to Get Out of the Friend Zone

These days flirting goes accompanied with love. They say “Flirting is a game where if you fail, You get Married” and this quotation is 100% correct. You must know the art of flirting to make a girlfriend in todays world.

There is a universal truth that if you will not flirt with a girl then they will put you in their friend zone and to come out of these friend zone is next to impossible and If you will flirt with her too much then she will think you as a pervert so at the end of the day you have to keep a balance between flirting and loving.

Flirting is a kind of talent that you must teach yourself if you want to survive in getting a girlfriend. So let me teach you How can you flirt with a girl in online dating sites, text messages, WhatsApp, social networking site like Facebook or anywhere, So that you can get out of friend zone

Step 1 – How to Find a Girl to Flirt


Not every girl loves boys who flirt, for some girls love is everything they need, and marriage is everything they think. so take my suggestion and keep a distance from these girls if you don’t want to marry her, Don’t hurt her sentiments.

The best place where you can search a girl to flirt is online dating sites, These sites are purposely meant for making boyfriend and girlfriend and this is the best place for you, because the girls you will find here are casual and fun loving and they know the art flirting. Looking for such type of girls is easy (thanks to dating sites), You just have to follow the steps below

  1. Look for the Best Dating Site
  2. Go for a Sign Up
  3. Make an attractive profile
  4. Send request to girls
  5. Start Flirting

Step 2 – How to Flirt with a Girl and Get Out of Friend Zone


Now let the flirting game begin. As soon as the girl accept your request, You can chat with her.Here you must remember the “First Impression is the Last Impression” thing. Now when starting a conversation look for some good words to begin like,

-Instead of just saying Hi, its better to say Hi Beautiful or Hi Gorgeous or anything better you can come up with.

-Be a little mysterious type of person, Girls love that. Don’t tell her everything about you.

-Never leave a gesture to complement her, Always complement on her appearance.

-Be a little moody, She might show that she hate moody person but this will help you in long run.

-Even If you, Never show how much you love her from heart. I don’t know why but things goes bad if a boys show how much he loves a girl.

-Never ever let yourself taken for granted, Always show whose the king here.

-Say I Love You but don’t show it, This thing is a little complicated but you have to tech yourself how can you do this.

-Be the one who hang up the conversation, Never show how much you want her.

-Be Humorous, This is the key point. If you can make her laugh then half the problem is automatically solved.

-Listen to her seriously, Always be ahead in taking her out of a bad situation. That will definitely maker her love you

These where some of the bullet points that you must follow when talking to a girl to escape from being Friendzoned. If you will follow these flirting rules then I guarantee that you will never fail in making a girl your girlfriend.