I Have Never Had a Boyfriend – The Reason Behind It

I have never had a boyfriend!” says one lady with a sigh and sadness displayed all over her face. This is a statement almost every lady in her 20s and has never had a boyfriend seem to accept as their fate. Though the situation is frustrating, believing that you will never have a boyfriend only worsens your condition. There is actually nobody whose fate is to never have a boyfriend and believing in such non-sense only causes depression and stress.

Saying to yourself “I will never have a boyfriend” day by day convinces you that this statement is true though it is not the case. A better and lesser depressing way to go about not having had a boyfriend in the past is asking yourself why you never had one before. Once you establish these reasons, dealing with each of them one after the other will help you get an ideal boyfriend sooner than later.

Many people have used dating platforms as a loophole to try and get their lives on track to where they are finding that special someone, or for just getting out of that single circle like the rest of their friends. True love was meant to be found by everyone but the chances of finding that boyfriend will depend on the words you’ve “never had a boyfriend”.

Why You Never Had a Boyfriend


There have been a lot of negative reasons as to why ladies in their 20s have never had a boyfriend and their can be many reason behind it which is most of the time personal but when looked into the mass these were the two of the most common reason as of why you never had a boyfriend.

Are You Too Shy to Have a Boyfriend

Perhaps the reason why you have never had a boyfriend is that you are too shy. Men tend to avoid ladies who are shy and regard them as boring to hang out with. If this has been your limiting factor, then working on your confidence will help you get more noticed by men and you will soon be having a boyfriend by your side. Be open for conversations too and do not have the habit to push people away when they try to converse.

Self esteem and confidence are very important traits for any girl looking for a boyfriend. If you have always regarded yourself as ugly or inferior to other girls, then this is the reason why you have never had a boyfriend. Believing in yourself and loving yourself will help you get a boyfriend soon.

Are You Afraid of Getting Into Relationship and Break Ups

Many people assume that the reasoning for staying single is to stray away from those sleepless nights or to keep away from any break ups that could occur in the future. The truth about this is that in a relationship, studies show that in any relationship there is a fifty-fifty chance for the connection to be broken due to loss of understanding or commitment. The key to keeping a good relationship going or even getting one started is to know your limits and values.

Everyone Is Different. As a result to this many people may confuse the dating world with a mystical enchanting understatement as to why so many people have refused to commit to a good guy when even given the chance. To get over those obvious sentimental reasons on why things won’t work, sometimes you have to just let it go, be yourself and let the nature of relationships and love play out its course. Many people will take their own smooth drawn out path and let their personalities overrule the matter and others will be as stubborn as day. In order to keep that good vibe going acceptance is the key.

As much as working on your weak points is a good strategy to get rid of the “I will never have a boyfriend” mentality, acting desperately is not advisable. Going around flirting with every man on the street will land you only into more trouble but not an ideal boyfriend. The most important thing to do is to think positively and hope for the best.