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Living a happy life is what everyone desires. Nothing is even better than living it with the right partner. Though you might look at life as a trivial order that directs itself, sometimes you will need to shape it up and decide your own path. You will have to rise above your frivolous reservations and follow your heart. That is the only way you can discover the real meaning of life. You don’t have to just pick anyone up and brand him or her as your life partner, it needs more than that! That perfect person might not be so easy to find but with the right steps and commitment, you would soon be happy together.

Bharat Matrimony – Indian Matrimony Site is probably one of the most famous matrimony site in India, you must have heard about it somewhere, from somebody but did you make an account with It? I guess you didn’t. But you should Register and try it out. It is one of those few matrimonial site online which verifies its members thoroughly, Making it most reliable so you just don’t have to worry about frauds and fake account here. Every profile that you will find here is genuine and you can start finding your ideal match with no worries at all.

It has a huge member base ( Million+) of both male and female profiles consisting of people from all the religion, community, caste and states and each and every profile here is 100% genuine with all the information correct. Once you create an account here, You will be taken to the search platform and you can search from the millions accounts to find your probable match.

These things altogether makes this site the best match making matrimonial site in India.

To Start with BharatMatrimony Do the following.

  1. Visit
  2. Fill Up the form to register for a FREE account and verify your phone (Fill the form correctly, It will help other to find you)

You have to fill some of your personal information such as your name, email, phone further to define your profile you have to enter your Family Information, Occupational information. etc

Once you have created an account you can login to your account and you will be instantly taken to search platform, like the one shown in the image above. Here you will be shown profiles of your potential partner considering your language, religion etc.

Once you have made a shortlist of your match you can initiate a chat and talk to them. You can meet him/her in person and you never know he/she can be your life partner.

If you are from a particular region of India and want to focus on a matrimonial site thats focused on particular religion or community then there is plenty of option for you.

Are you a divorce??

Yes BharatMatrimony do allow profile for divorce. What you just have to do select your marital status when creating your account. Once you have created an account, You will find thousands of profiles of singles and divorcee thats custom matched for you.

Click here to create an account for you

Tamil Matrimony

There is a site focussed only for Tamilians, It has lakhs of profiles of Tamil members for you to search from. You can specify for a Tamil account by selecting it as a language while creating an account in the front page. Just like other matrimonial site you have to register for an account here and you will find your Tamilian match here

Kerala Matrimony

Yes if you are from Kerala and looking for a Malayalam speaking bride or groom then there is a site which has got you covered. Kerala Matrimony is a subsidiary of Bharat Matrimony focussed on Malayalis to find their partner.

Telugu Matrimony

Are you Telugu? Then I would recommend you to try this site which is custom designed for Telugu people. Its parent site is the famous Bharat Matrimony so there is no need to worry about its user base as you will find plenty of profiles here.

Bengali Matrimony

Find lakhs Bengali Brides & Grooms for shaadi with Bengali Matrimony with this community specific matrimony site for all the bongs out there. Here you will find the perfect match for you if you are Bengali. All you need to do is register for an account and search your perfect match from the lakhs of Bengali profiles.

Like the above you can use this site for any region or community of India. All you need to do is select the option once registering.

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Tips to Use an Online Matrimony service.

1. Outline your preferences

Soon after you create your account on the site, you will need to make your tastes and preferences known to the site. There are several variables that can be used in stating your preferences. They include religion, mother tongue, religion, physical appearance, financial status among other things. All these will help you narrow down and meet your perfect groom or bride.

2. Select

After you have made your preferences known, here comes another tough part – making a choice. Many people will forward their interests to you and all you need to do is to make a decision. You will obviously do some analysis before landing on your desired person. Just follow what your heart tells you.

3. Connect

Now, here is the most crucial part of establishing your relationship. Connecting with your partner for the first time might be quite a thrilling experience. You will exchange contacts and soon you will be going on a date or something. If things work out here – which most probably will- marriage follows and thereafter, kids!

4. Be grateful

After everything is done, all you need to do to be grateful to the site that enabled your union!

Finding a partner for shaadi? Why go online ?

There are a couple of reasons why online matrimonial sites are the best options for people seeking life partners. Perhaps, with the increasing level of human activity, people rarely find time to catch up and establish serious relationships. Another thing is with the increase in internet usage and computer literacy. Both these factors are what make the internet a huge hub for single men and women seeking love. But why should you really go online?

i) A variety of choices

Online matrimonial sites, especially in India, harbors a huge community of people seeking grooms and brides. You obviously have your tastes, reservations, and preference when it comes to marriage, don’t you? This site will give you a variety of choices according to the description of your preferences. You’re sure to get your perfect match.

ii) Take your time

Unlike the immediate environment where you can just meet someone and hook up immediately, online sites give you the chance to study your partner well before deciding on something serious. You can go to their profile, make comparisons and finally establish your perfect match.

iii) Create a connection

Relationship experts do advocate for real connections between soul mates. To do this, they need to talk, share their stories, adventures, life experiences and the emotional feelings as a way of brewing real and sufficient love for their yet-to-be journey. The online matrimonial sites offer platforms where you can have real conversations without having to physically meet.

iv) Extend your search

It is not necessarily that someone near you should be your groom or bride. In fact, research has shown that many successful marriages are between people from different geographical and even denominational settings. So, going online increases your chances of getting someone closer or exactly your desire.

Going online is one of the common ways of finding a partner nowadays. Stories of how successful marriage have been established through online platforms are very common these days. In India, for instance, several people have given testimonies on how online sites gave them their life partners. A number of matrimonial unions have been reported to have ensued from connections established through matrimonial sites like the What even amazes is that these marriages are reported to last and thrive since they are found on trust and true love.

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