Is Online Dating Safe? Safety Tips to Take Care on Internet

It is so ironic that when you are ready and done with college, it becomes difficult to find the person you would love. The reason could be due to the busy and hectic schedule required by your job. With so many people experiencing this problem, online dating developed into a popular mode of getting into a relationship.

Online dating proved to be very rewarding to many people with the same dilemma as yours. But when you want to be one of the users of online dating sites, it is paramount that you are cautious. You know how it is easy to trick people in the web. Since there are millions of members of dating sites, these venues become a good place for unscrupulous people to operate.

Although online dating has its perks with over 40 million of all single Americans using online dating services. If you’ve decided to finally explore the options and take a plunge into online dating, you need to take care of a few things. We go through the following points to understand “is online dating safe?”

Is Online Dating Safe ? Its Harmful Consequences

Warning About Online Dating

Financial losses

This is one of the biggest security concerns worldwide. You often get requests from fraudsters to wire money online or share confidential credit card/account information due to an emergency. Be wary of such requests and make sure you block or report it to the online dating service immediately.

Stalking and harassment

People often underestimate the power of revealing information to strangers, such as your contact no. or address. Once this information is shared, people find out that there are extreme consequences. Including blank calls, stalking, harassment and even sexual abuse. There have been cases of women getting brutally attacked or harassed by sexual offenders they meet online under fake aliases.

Defamation and damage to reputation

Intimate information shared online, such as sexually explicit photos or videos can haunt you at a later stage in life. Legal help will be cumbersome and slow and can lead to negative publicity as the word spreads. Online reputation can hamper you career as potential employers can now quickly do a Google search before hiring you. A lot of times these explicit images can be used to extort money.

Data exploitation

Data posted on the internet is permanent. Even though you may assume that you have complete control over it and that you can delete it, such data is often hidden in databases of websites. Often this data is used to targeted offerings based on your preferential, psychological and behavioral data to send you ads. For data mining and marketing firms, your digital data is a representation of yourself and is the key to more sales and profits.

The answer to “is online dating safe?” is complicated and depends on your skill in regulating the amount of information you share and trusting the right people. Staying completely away from online dating services may be difficult in the future, so following certain safety protocols is the right way!

Online Dating Safety Tips to Follow


The first rule of dating online is to take things slowly. You may have erroneous judgment on a person because you had been chatting with him for some time. Aside from chats, you have voluminous file of emails. You feel you really have the right connection. So – you trust. It them becomes an opportune time for your devious dating pal to attack and trick you.

When you decide to befriend a person online, ensure that you use your common sense and intuition. Then take the following advices on safety tips when dating online.

Ensure you have picked ultra safe online dating sites

The first insurance is to sign in legitimate dating sites. Thus, it is very important that you pick extra-safe online dating sites. When you go to a site, you will be asked to enter your email address or fill out your profile. It is suggested that you use a different email address for the purpose of online dating – separate from your usual personal email address. After all there is no restriction to the use of different email addresses. If you have gmail address, create this email address in yahoo mail or hotmail. Then before you fill-up the profile page, be sure that you have read the site’s privacy policy.

You are advised to be honest but you cannot be sure that the other members of the site are. They may be stretching the truth too far – trying to look the person every woman wants to connect with. There is no way to check the veracity of their declaration.

Hold on to your anonymity

You should protect your identity so try as much as possible to safeguard your anonymity. When you correspond never include yet your name, surname, address, workplace, phone number and all other information that can trace your real identity. If you are lucky, you will be able to find a dating site that is equipped with double-blind system that is an identity protector. It this tool is not a feature of your chosen online dating site, it is suggested by experts that you just register your nickname.

Gauge carefully the submitted photo

At times, it is very unlikely that the person you are seeing in the computer screen is the same person in real life. What may he say to you can be the exact opposite of what he is really is in real life. Even if this is so, continue asking for his photo. He may or may not give you the real photo of him nevertheless this can be a gauge to decide if you want to continue communicating with him. If he does not show a photo of him, then it is time to call the connection off. Many online dating sites allow for posting of photos and you may be given this option. You may post yours if you want to.

It is always advisable that when going for online dating, you have to take things slowly. You have to ensure the character of the guy you are communicating with. Choosing a good site will eliminate the dangers and you may be safe. But then, there is no harm in still trying to retain your anonymity until you are sure of the guy.