Online Dating Advice for Men to Succeed in Dating Sites

It may be easy to find women to talk to – in bars, at work or even in fitness centers. That may be for your male friends or some guys but not for you. Why don’t you put your foot forward and spend some time trying online dating. But before you start this, you have to know some rules as well as dangers in online dating. Try to learn from other people by adhering to a number of tips provided by the experienced online daters. Such guide will not only make you get attention but it can also provide the best choice.

As you embark in online dating, you are bound to encounter several hitches. The perfect girl that you find from the online dating sites may not be interested on you such that she does not respond. That is not a problem; you can search for other girls. The online dating sites list hundreds or even thousands of girls that may have the same qualities in your perfect dream girl. When at first try you do not get a response, then find another.

When it comes to virtual dating, there are many ways to improve your chances of getting a response or finding the right girl. Even if these girls are registered in such dating communities, you should not discount the possibility that these ladies like you are also after some qualities in the guys they will respond to. Thus, try to be as original and fun as possible. Here are some tips on online dating advice for men that can be valuable in your search.

Online Dating Advice for Men


You should be fun and awesome.

You should be original in your approach. If you would initiate the contact, do not use lines that had been overused by other guys. For one thing, you are not the first guy she will come in contact with. You might use copied lines which had already been used to contact her. To be original, you just have to be yourself and consider what you are doing as something fun and awesome.

When you post photos, do not post photos of you and your ex-girlfriends. You will project a gigolo personality. This goes without saying that you should be selective with the photos you attach to your profile. Post photos about your wholesome hobbies like fishing or other outdoor activities. If she is a girl who loves nature and outdoors, this may interest her. It is a good idea to send the insight on the things you love to do. You will find a match to your regular activities.

Know how to contact

Is it time to make a contact with the girl you have found in the online dating sites? Consider yourself lucky if the girl initiates contacting you. That relieves you of thinking techniques to approach or start a contact. However, there are women who still are shy on making the first move so they expect guys to move forward first.

Before initiating the contact, ensure that you have read and studied the lady’s profile extensively. In the course of your communication, you may mention some information in her profile. You should not err in identifying them otherwise she may lose interest on you. The information in her profile is something you can talk bout. You can flatter her. Women love being flattered. Take a careful look at her photo and study her features. These could be topics of your conversation. If it is hard for you to start a conversation, the photo and the profile information can be sure way to start communication.

Awareness about the harsh reality of online dating

Some guys fail because they are dissuaded when they experience some harsh realities in virtual dating. Girls that you may find may be spammers. There is no way how the internet can check on them. It is up to you to find the truth. Then, you might be discouraged when the girl you contact does not respond. Do not make this stop you. Perhaps, the girl finds your personalities do not match. Be patient and continue searching for girls. If you are after a beautiful face, be ready to be in a steep competition.

There indeed are many other advice about online dating. You can read and read and apply them. But the main thing for you to stick to is being original and honest. Then do not be easily discouraged – continue your search because in the end, you will find one that will be compatible to you.