Online Dating Mistakes that Men Make [Solution]

Millions of Americans today are hooked to online dating sites. The success rate of finding partners via this mode is high yet there are some who claim to be unsuccessful. Where did these men go wrong or better, what did these men do to fail in their online dating? Some researches disclosed that there are root causes for the failures. Three of the most common errors of men seeking online dating are –

  • Men go to online dating sites without really knowing what they are looking for.
  • In the online sites, men do not know how to approach women.
  • Men do not know what they could offer to women they meet.

Some solutions are recommended to correct these mistakes to ultimately avoid such pitfalls.

When men are not certain of what they are looking for


There are lots of guys who go online, register with the online dating sites, without even knowing what they are entering into. In some sites, there is a part that asks about what a guy looks for when they join the site. Many men are vague in their answers. They are not even able to define the features or qualities they want in the woman they desire to meet. The unsatisfactory answer to the question will not yield a good match in the dating site’s database of women members.

To avoid this mistake, you should try to figure out first or write down the list of qualities you love in a woman who would be your date. As you make the list, you have to cover all the possible areas then shortlist these to the most important which you will put in your online dating profile. Doing so, you do not only make sure that you know what you are looking for but you also are able to focus on these.

Men do not know how to approach women online


It so happens that a lot of men use a generic way of flirting. This is known as “wink” which is a pre-scripted message in the dating site. Some consider this as pick-up line. Women who receive this message from a man can possibly have received this already previously. This turns off the woman and would consequently refuse to communicate with the man who sent the generic message. Recall that women want originality from the man they would date online.

One should try to have his own way of contacting a woman. Although the site offers pre-scripted messages, you should believe that since the online dating sites have lots of members, it is possible that such message could have been used frequently. Your simple original method can go a long way over the pre-scripted commonly used message.

Men are not aware of what they are to offer


We have identified the fact that because men do not know what they are looking for, they could fail in being successful in the online dating site. In line with this, men fail because they also do not know what they can offer to the women they meet via the dating sites. Men do not form any strategy to attract women. They are not thinking deep to attract possible online dates.

To avoid this pitfall, men should make an inventory of their assets and qualities. All these should be stated in the personal profile. This will make you stand out. These features will be the bases on how women would like to connect with you. The online dating sites aim to match two people such that you state what you want then offer what you have. Some match makers call this an “attraction strategy”.

These are just three of the most common mistakes committed by men when they join online dating sites. There are more but you can rest assured that every mistake can be resolved. Adhering to the solutions, you can be a perfect catch for every woman. In the end, you will be one of the successful people who have made use of online dating sites to find the right partner.